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Communication is Entertainment, at least the good part of it.
And VoIP is a narrowband application but the future will be Video VoIP (VoIP is not only saving money...it is also a full new world of new features,).
And not only video.
That is the catching part of VoIP, it is not a Telephony replacement as the computer WAS NOT a type writer replacement, even if you could use it for that reason.

A computer is a new world as much as VoIP.
In the past communicating meant talking, in the future will involve most of our senses, may be even all, who knows...




VoIP and related comms services should indeed help to drive broadband market penetration. On the other hand, the broadband suppliers don't necessarily see the bottom line benefit. A voice minute is a voice minute whether delivered over IP or POTS - and the VoIP and comms suppliers are unlikely to limit their channel to specific broadband suppliers (though the more aggressive may look to cut distribution/agency deals).

Short term, content which can be licensed on an exclusive basis (such as live sporting events) is the only real proven value driver. The problem for telcos/cablecos is that due to infrastructure competition the content owner now benefits from being able to auction rights to the highest bidders.

Longer term, there must be new clever applications which will keep the telcos/cablecos from becoming just another utility... just wish I knew what they were...


VoIP SIP SDK is an excellent software development kit that allows you to establish VoIP calls from your application easily and quickly. The great thing is that you do not need any previous knowledge about SIP and RTP protocols but it is enough to use this SDK. By using this technology you can make conference call. You can also record those calls. There are many VOIP providers. They are providing their features and facilities. I am using one of them which is given below:

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